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April 2017

Hey There,

We have a lot of new and exciting things to share with you this month. First off, I wanted to start by spotlighting some of the milestones and accomplishments that we hit during Q1.

  • Released Beacon, an integrated marketing app (Ringless Voicemail & Voice Messaging)
  • Expanded and built out a new office called Ytel Labs across from Ytel HQ
  • We had our first hiring class (all these new, awesome people support Ytel tech)
  • We hit all of our Q1 goals and we’re excited to roll out more awesome tech in Q2

Now, for some product updates! Ringless Voicemail, the newest feature for Beacon, is outperforming nearly every competitor in the game. We have been working on some secret sauce for this for some time now and it was all worth it. Our customers are seeing delivery rates as high as 85%. This is just the beginning of Ringless for Beacon.

What does this mean? When 1,000 Ringless Voicemails are attempted, over 850 are successfully delivered… and this number continues to increase! The industry average ranges from 50-55 on the low end and some of the best companies promote 70 to 80% on the high end.

Click here to learn more about Beacon’s Ringless Voicemail & Voice Messaging.

Thank you for taking the time to read April’s update and I hope you enjoy reading about LeadsCon, and how we dominated the show and are bringing a new strategy to trade shows.


Hanna Smolan
Ytel, Communications Manager
(800) 382-4913

Ytel & the Contact Partners Crushed Leadscon 2017
The latest with what's going on around Ytel HQ. 

We’re back from a great week at LeadsCon in Las Vegas! The Ytel team, along with our three Contact Partners: Anomaly Squared, Call Criteria and Drips, had a fantastic and successful show. We had a huge booth on the show floor, complete with a lounge area, exclusive bar, and cohesive branding of all 4 partners. Click the link for more details on our week in Vegas!

#AskYtel: The Optimized Call Center Environment
Communications. Leadership. Sales & Marketing. Technology. Culture.

Ask.Ytel content partner Call Criteria shares insight on the three key components necessary to set up, run and scale a call center successfully. The most important factors include outsourcing vs. in-house agents, quality assurance (QA) and the dialer you deploy for your agents. Read on for more suggestions and helpful tips by clicking the link below.

Tips for Springtime Wellness
Health tips from our in-house M.D., Dr. K!

“Spring has sprung!” so the saying goes, and with it blooming plants, trees, and grasses.  Airborne pollen wreaks havoc on those susceptible to allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis, commonly known as “hay fever”. Beyond pollen, other allergens can be present all year long such as dust mites and animal dander. Symptoms of hay fever mimic common cold symptoms and include itchy and runny eyes and nose, scratchy throat, sinus congestion and pressure, and sneezing.  

How can you prevent and treat seasonal allergies? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Avoid allergens whenever possible. Some examples of how to accomplish this include:
    • Keep windows and doors closed at your home and office.
    • Avoid working in your yard if possible, especially in the morning.
    • Stay indoors if it is windy.
    • Use your clothes dryer instead of a clothesline.
    • Purchase a HEPA-type filter for your home.
  • Consult with your healthcare provider before embarking on any therapy. Options for therapy include non-sedating antihistamines (e.g. loratadine and fexofenadine) and anti inflammatory nasal sprays containing glucocorticoids. These are considered first line therapies for the problem. If you have persistent eye symptoms, antihistamine eye drops may be prescribed.
  • Saline nasal irrigations can be very helpful. Here is a helpful explanation on how to perform the irrigation.
  • Hay fever tends to run in families, along with asthma and eczema, so check in with your healthcare provider about these if you have any concerns.

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