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July 2016

Hi There,

Hope you were able to enjoy some downtime during the holiday weekend, and maybe extending it a bit further. If you’re on a sunny beach and having a drink with an umbrella, then cheers... Happy belated 4th of July! #America.

Summer is firing on all cylinders for the Ytel team. We’ve been growing our development team and have some exciting new features that were released this month, and more in the queue for August. You can take a sneak peek at our updated product offering by clicking Have You Seen the New Ytel Product Offerings? below.

A lot of thought and research goes into the development of our new products, and we have a dedicated team that digests customer feedback, feature requests, along with researching what businesses need to evolve and stay ahead of the competition. We share all sorts of industry updates, product news, and productivity tips that we learn along the way on our blog. It takes less than 10 seconds to subscribe and the research is sent right to your inbox. I encourage you to subscribe to our blog today, by clicking here.

Have an awesome day and an incredible month!


Tyler Holliday
Director of Marketing


Have You Seen the New Ytel Product Offerings?
X5 Cloud Contact Center, sipPro, and message360°.

Check out the latest and greatest product offerings, updates, new features and much more in our latest Ytel intro booklet. Available as a PDF download, this document gives a deeper look into our products, technology, culture and the Ytel team! We are really proud of what we've built, and we are really excited to share it with you. 


New Features Released: Whisper & ACL 
Cloud Contact Center Features, News & Updates. 

We are introducing two new features to X5 Cloud Contact Center; Whisper and ACL (Access Control Lists) that will be available to Cloud Contact Center customers this month. Whisper is a coaching tool that managers can use to talk with agents during live calls, to assist with training. ACL are high-level permissions lists, controlled by admin. Click to learn more! 


#AskYtel: Employee Onboarding Done Right
Contact Center Software. Marketing. Sales. Culture. Tech.

Onboarding plays a crucial role in an employee's dedication and loyalty to the company they work for. If a new hire shows up on their first day to find that no one is prepared for them, they have no real guidance or assistance in getting set up on the job... How welcome will they really feel? Making new employees feel valued from their first day will pay off, both short and long term.


Time to Give Those Eyes a Rest! 
A helpful tip for all the office dwellers.

Sitting at a computer all day can really strain your eyes and can cause secondary problems such as headaches. Follow the 20-20-20 rule to decrease your chances of this happening; Every 20 minutes, for at least 20 seconds, look 20 feet or more away. Blink frequently to moisten your eyes. If you are able to get up and walk somewhere, that is even better (it might help your neck and back muscles, too). Use a good level of light (not too intense and not too dark) and avoid shining light at your eyes. Keep your computer monitor at about arm’s length, with the top of the monitor at your eye level or a little lower if possible.