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May 2017

Hey There,

I have an important announcement that is time sensitive about a special release of new vanity Toll-Free phone numbers like (833) SOLAR-XX or (833) CALL-NOW and more!

It’s happening next week - MAY 14 across the countryWho has access to these limited numbers? Your best friend in communications, Ytel! #BOOM

These vanity numbers are great for marketing purposes and it’s an easy way to promote your business with a number that's easy for people to remember. We are giving our newsletter subscribers first access to these numbers so if you’re interested, reply to this email ASAP.

Ytel is a dedicated RespOrg (responsible organization) and a registered telephone carrier, which gives us some pretty cool perks that we can pass down to our customers. We hope you take advantage of this vanity number release and if you have any questions, just reply to this email** Limit 10 numbers per customer.

Vanity Numbers are Limited to First Come, First Serve

  • Reply to this email
  • Let us know what numbers you are interested in
    • ex. 833-777-CALL, 833-12-SOLAR, etc. 

It’s that easy. (833) GET-SOME!

Thank you for your continued support. Have a great week!

Hanna Smolan
Communications Manager, Ytel
(800) 382-4913


Get a Vanity Number for Your Business!
A custom 833 number, specific to your industry.

We have access to the new release of vanity numbers next week! 
We’re offering an exclusive for Ytel customers; if there's an 833 vanity number you want, we'll try to grab it for you for free! Click below to let us know what phone numbers you’d like. We can't guarantee we'll be able to secure every number as some are in high demand, but we'll do our best! 

3-Part Series: Agent Metrics & KPIs for Your Business
Agent performance metrics, defined by Ytel Operations.

Customer success manager Alex Treichler shares his expertise and knowledge on successfully managing agents through KPIs and commonly used performance metrics that motivate team members. Alex advises how to determine KPIs, how to implement them with your team, and what these KPIs can really do from a metric standpoint to benefit your business and agents.

#AskYtel: Be a Great Leader in 2017
Communication. Leadership. Marketing. Tech. Culture.

Our fearless leader is on the blog this month sharing his insight and tips on promoting healthy growth for employees, setting (and abiding by) work-life balance expectations, encouraging learning and passion exploration, and much more. This is a great read for those out there who are in a management role and need some inspiration and guidance. Don’t miss Nick’s post!

Blood Pressure Awareness
Hypertension education by our in-house M.D., Dr. K!

The International Society of Hypertension and the World Hypertension League sponsor “May Measurement Month” to increase awareness about hypertension. Elevated blood pressure (BP) causes a lot of disease and can lead to kidney failure and heart failure, along with other cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke. Detecting hypertension early and treating it is important to avoid the diseases that can result. Risk in general begins with a sustained blood pressure greater than or equal to 140/90. The DASH Lifestyle helps to lower blood pressure and addresses other cardiovascular and diabetes mellitus risk factors. Measuring blood pressure correctly is also important.

 Let's Be Friends #AskYtel