Read about the latest happenings at Ytel and an exciting announcement about a new app available to X5 Cloud Contact Center Customers.
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Ytel Newsletter | September 2015

Hi There,

I hope this finds you motivated and ready to finish the third quarter strong. We’ve been extremely busy the past few months, and today I’m very excited to share with you a new product that we have been developing for the Lead Generation industry: LeadBeam (a lead tracking, management, and distribution tool) joins the family of built-in X5 Cloud Contact Center apps.

Designed to maximize revenue for Lead Gen companies, LeadBeam simplifies complex lead delivery processes. We just finished our closed beta last month, and this new app is available for all X5 Cloud Contact Center customers.

“Since adopting LeadBeam, we have tripled the number of leads delivered with the same number of agents,” said Jim Creamer, CEO of Lead Strata Marketing. “The transition was instant and consistent.”

Click here to see our first case study and how LeadBeam has helped Lead Strata Marketing increase lead delivery by 300% in just a few months.

Thank you for following along with us as we experience such positive change and growth. 


Nick Newsom

Ytel, CEO

Better Manage, Track, and Distribute Leads
Increasing efficiency in the Lead Gen industry.

LeadBeam is an X5 app designed for the lead generation industry. Using this app, lead sellers can better manage, distribute, and track leads in-real time with lead buyers. Optimizing the lead process with LeadBeam allows businesses to maximize revenue opportunities with every lead and remove the manual process of lead delivery. Contact for more info.
New Webphone for X5 Cloud Contact Center
Things just got easier.

WebRTC is a new protocol that the internet is phasing into. Chrome, FireFox, and Opera are the first browsers to adopt this new technology. For X5 Cloud Contact Center customers, this new technology will simply make things a bit easier. How will this new technology make your life easier? Click learn more to find out how WebRTC will benefit you.
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Quick and Easy Sunday Football Recipe
Ready for Some Football?

It’s that time of year again! Football is is back, which means lots of potlucks with family and friends. Here is a great recipe that is quick and easy. Let’s be real, hungry people are no fun. Save the day with some sweet and sour pork sliders and a healthy Santa Fe dip for non-meat lovers. It’s a win win! Total time to make these good eats; 30min of prep and 35min of cooking.

Internet Marketing Association, IMPACT15
Ytel is a Presenting Speaker and Partner

Are you attending IMPACT15, Las Vegas, September 23-25? We are excited to be a presenting speaker, exhibitor, and new partner of the Internet Marketing Association. Drew Matthews, Director of Infrastructure at Ytel will present along with Tony Hsieh, CEO at Zappos, Jeff Marcoux, CMO Lead at Microsoft, and Darian Shirazi, CEO and Co-Founder at Radius, just to name a few.

Have time to meet up? Email us at We would enjoy buying you a drink and learning more about your business. Hope to see you there!